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Since 1984, the DSBDA has been providing technical assistance and marketing to the small business community in Humboldt Park, one of Chicago’s most important neighborhoods. Our website presents PASEO BORICUA, the only Puerto Rican themed avenue in the United States, with two enormous monuments to the Puerto Rican Flag, ten Puerto Rican owned restaurants, five signature street festivals (Puerto Rican Day Parade, Fiesta Boricua, Three Kings Winter Festival & Parade, Paseo Boricua Classic Car & Bike Show, and Haunted Paseo Boricua) and the only Puerto Rican Museum in the United States, the National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture (NMPRAC).

DSBDA is a Delegate Agency of the City of Chicago’s Neighborhood Business Development Center (NBDC) Dept. of Business Affairs & Consumer Protection. Our business services and programs are highlighted throughout this site. For more information and resources visit our Business Center section.

Our new photo gallery gives you a colorful glimpse at many of the annual events in Humboldt Park. We hope that the images and news give you another reason to visit Paseo Boricua! Learn more about our historic guided tour and follow us on Facebook.

Download the DSBDA Paseo Boricua Guide to discover more.   What is Paseo Boricua?   Renowned Puerto Rican artist, anthropologist and historian Ramón López coined the term “Paseo Boricua” in 1995. The word “Paseo” is the Spanish word for “stroll” or “promenaded”. The word “Boricua” comes from the word Borikén, the indigenous Taíno name for the Island of Puerto Rico, which means “Land of the Valiant Lord”. Paseo Boricua is identified as the six blocks between the two enormous (45 ton of steel) monuments to the Puerto Rican Flags that arch over the street.

Since 1995, Paseo Boricua has been developing into a Puerto Rican themed commercial corridor on Division Street from Western Ave in the east to Central Park in the West.

What to do on Paseo...

We have a strip of Puerto Rican restaurants without parallel in the Midwest. 

Day or night, enjoy a mini-visit to Puerto Rico with the most authentic dishes you can find in Chicago might include: 

  • A sampling of Mofongo from La Bruquena 
  • A Jibarito sandwich from La Plena. 
  • Viandas con bacalao from La Plena. 
  • Roast chicken from Papa’s Cache Sabroso
  • Avena de Coco from Nellie’s
  • Fritters (frituras) from Latin American restaurant 

...and that’s just scratching the surface. After a Paseo visit, you will not head home hungry!

Our traditions and celebrations draw visitors from all over the midwest. 

From the Fiesta Boricuas to the Three Kings Day parade, Haunted Paseo Boricua and the Puerto Rican Festival, the Paseo Boricua is home to some of the most entertaining, family-friendly celebrations anywhere in Chicago. 

It is not unusual for families to plan entire annual family reunions around the dates of the Puerto Rican Festival, gathering on Division for the parade and the convening for day-long picnics in nearby Humboldt Park, complete with bands, drums and dancing.

The following are seasonal events that take place throughout the year: 

Three Kings Day Parade

January 6th

La Casita de Don Pedro Artisan’s Market Every Saturday

May – September

Puerto Rican People's Parade


Fiesta Pertoriqueñas


Puerto Rican Film Series Every Other Saturday

July / August

Fiesta Boricua

September – Sunday Before Labor Day

Haunted Paseo Boricua Halloween


With lots of foot traffic, parking, and a high profile for entertainment and service, we urge you to consider the Paseo as your business location. 

We are near enough to downtown, but not too near. We offer the advantages of a less congested area, with none of the down side. 

The Division Street Business Development Association can help you locate your new business on the Paseo. 

We know which buildings have available space. We know the owners and the neighbors, and are here to advise and assist as you seek the prime location for your service or retail location. 

Please feel free to contact DSBDA for a consultation about the possibilities of the Paseo as your new location! 

Bring your Business to Paseo Boricua.

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